About NZHF

The New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation is the umbrella organisation for the hypnotherapy profession in this country.  It was established in 1994 to bring closer ties within the profession.  It membership began with the four main hypnotherapy associations as member organisations.  Since 1995 it has held a national hypnotherapy conference, the highlight of the profession’s calendar.

After conducting strategic planning meetings in 2002 the Federation first goal was to set up a national registration board for qualified and experienced hypnotherapists.  In June 2003 the first (and the only independent) New Zealand Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc. was established.  The following year many full professional hypnotherapists took the opportunity to join, and so be eligible to use the title:  NZHRB Registered Hypnotherapist.

As part of the forward planning the Federation realised that it needed to be more representative of the hypnotherapy profession in this country. Hypnotherapy training establishments and the New Zealand Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc. were invited and joined the Federation as member organisations. The Federation membership currently consists of three associations, three training establishments, and the NZ Hypnotherapists Registration Board.

The Federation’s Mission is:

Maintaining Professional Standards of Practice, Promotion and Advocacy for Hypnotherapy in New Zealand.

In 2003 the conference changed to became a two day conference weekend. Overseas speakers were also invited to present papers, and together with local speakers cover various topics on the conference day (Saturday) relating to hypnotherapy. The conference was followed by the Hypnotherapy Award Dinner, where leaders and achievers are honoured. On the Sunday on-going training workshops were instigated, giving more in depth training on specific topics. These are often delivered by international speakers. This successful format has been in place even since.

In 2005 a new constitution was developed, and in 2006 the Federation became an incorporated society. Its aims are:

  • To represent, promote, unite and enhance the profession of hypnotherapy at a national level within New Zealand.
  • To encourage the coordination and standardisation of training and continuing education for hypnotherapists.
  • To promote public awareness of hypnotherapy.
  • To provide a national focus for communication between the profession, the general public and interested bodies.
  • To provide a forum for discussion between the various hypnotherapy organisations in New Zealand.
  • To establish rules of professional conduct and ethics for the profession.

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